Dane Sardinha Recalled

 OK, this is a really short post, and I’m sure 99.5% of anyone reading this post will not care the slightest but I had to vent my thoughts on the transaction the Tigers made Wednesday.  Okay, so Brandon Inge was placed on the 15-day DL by the Tigers.  Inge was platooning with Pudge Rodriguez at catcher for the Tigers and also playing third base and left field.  Inge was not a full-fledged starter but was getting a good number of at-bats.  So, with Inge hurt, the Tigers had to call up somebody, obviously that somebody was going to be a catcher to at least back-up Rodriguez behind the plate.  This is what AAA is used for.  When somebody gets injured for two weeks and you need a back up just make a call down to AAA and get somebody the manager recommends.  So in this case, the starter in Toledo got the call – Dane Sardinha.  Only one thing, Sardinha has .242 .OBP!!! Are you kidding me?  Are you telling me that you chose Dane Sardinha, who has .242 .OBP and a .255 .OBP last year, over Max St. Pierre who has a modest .333 .OBP, but heck, way better than Sardinha.  And the Tigers can’t use “power” as an excuse.  St. Pierre has the same numbers of home runs than Sardinha in less at-bats.  I said it at the beginning on the post, who really cares?, but hey this was a stupid move and I have to let everyone (the three people who will ever read this) know.                                                     
Dane Sardinha                                                                                       

Dane Sardinha.jpg                                                      Max St. Pierre

Max St. Pierre.gif                                        


  1. apy5001

    That’s bizarre. The only reason I can think of doing something like that is that they value Sardinha’s pitch calling or defensive abilities. The Mets seem to also make strange choices when calling up AAA players. When both Church and Alou were injured, the Mets called up Fernando Tatis to help play some leftfield. However, even as Tatis struggled in the majors, the Mets left Valentino Pascucci in AAA with a .988 OPS, where he remains to this day.

  2. districtboy

    Yeah, that, I hope, is the reason. I really don’t know how much better a defensive player Sardinha is than St. Pierre, but I’d like to find out what pitcher’s ERA is when Sardinha is catching versus the ERA when St. Pierre is catching. Wil Nieves for example, was called up for defensive purposes, and, although I’d always take a good hitter over a good fielder, Nieves’s pitcher ERA is much better than Paul LoDuca’s or Jesus Flores’s.
    The Mets transaction doesn’t really surprise me. The Mets have always thought experience is worth more than it really is. To the Mets, since Tatais has 2000+ more major league at-bats than Pasucci, it doesn’t matter that Pascucci is by far the better hitter and has proved himself at AAA.
    Well thanks for commenting, you’re comment is the very first ever on my blog. Keep Reading!

  3. districtboy

    Yeah, I hope, that is the reason. I don’t really know much better Sardinha is defensively compared to St. Pierre. I’d like to know what pitcher’s ERA is when Sardinha catching versus to when St. Pierre catches. For example, Wil Nieves, isn’t the greatest hitter but his pitcher’s ERA is much lower than when Paul LoDuca or Jesus Flores catches.
    As for the Mets transaction, I’m not really that surprised because the Mets had always valued experience way more than they should. To the Mets, it doesn’t matter than Tatis is in a slump and Pascucci is proving himself in AAA because Tatis has 2000 more major league at-bats than Pascucci
    Thanks for commenting. Your comment is the very first ever on my blog. Keep Reading!

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