The Greatest Box Score Ever



This is the one of
greatest box scores ever. 


It Is


If you somehow missed it,
look at Winston-Salem’s hitting box, and check out Adam Ricks’ line.  Yeah, you read right.  It’s crazy.





I actually got Adam
‘ (pictured) autograph about a month ago, and I’m sure glad I
did.  He’ll have a very small place in
history because of Sunday’s game. 


not exactly sure why Winston-Salem Warthogs manager Tim Blackwell
decides to pick a player every year to do this feat on a specific day (last
year he picked Robert
), but it sure is interesting. 
Ricks actually got told before the game began that he was going to be
given the chance.


Ricks is usually a
catcher, but played infield in college. 
It’s another one of those things that only happens in the minors.   I’m sort of bummed I didn’t head out to
attend this game in Frederick.  It would
have been pretty memorable (and a long drive). 


I wonder why Blackwell
decided to do this on a road game.  It
would seem to make sense to do it at a home game, so you can treat your fans to
an extreme oddity. 


On another quick note, the
Nats suck.  Wait, you knew that. 


I knew that.  Everybody knew it.  But
wait, that’s not what I’m talking about. 
The Nats suck at sucking.  They
can’t win when they need to win, and they can’t lose when they need to
lose.  If you don’t get me, here’s what
I mean.  The Nationals are not going to
the playoffs, so it theoretically makes sense for them to lose as many games as
they can, so they are guaranteed to have the first overall pick in the draft
next year.  But of course, right as I
finally start rooting for the Nationals to lose as many games as possible, they
go on the best winning streak in baseball.  
That’s the Nats for you.  They
seriously can’t do anything right.  They
can’t even get their stadium renderings right. 
Whenever anybody asked Stan Kasten, HOK, or the Lerners, about what made
Nationals Park unique, they responded “the cherry trees in the left field
seats”.  Well, what’s so special about
Nationals Park now?  It’s the only park where you can’t walk all the way around the lower deck because of the stupid Presidents Club?


Notice how the renderings
make the cherry trees look spectacular, but in real life it is an entirely
different story.  In fact, the cherry
trees are completely non-existent when you attend a baseball game in Washington.



nationals park cherry trees.jpg





  1. districtboy

    Well, actually I posted “Justice!” before this. So this isn’t the first entry since you requested one in the the comment section of “Queen City Stupidness”. Did you read “Justice”? It probably generates little interest in a Yankee fan. When the Rangers come to Yankee Stadium, the main chant is “TEXASSAULT, TEXASSAULT!”

  2. gregb123

    Great post. Nice expose on the lack of foresight by the Nationals in the planning of their ballpark. You’re absolutely right about the cherry trees, and about the obnoxious fanciness behind the plate. And what ever happened to the giant baseball that was supposed to be above the Red Loft? Was is not feasible? Did they get lazy? Run out of money? Or did they just forget? I have to say, I think it would have been spectacular with the cherry blossoms and the gigantic baseball looming over left-center.

    For me though, it’s hard to criticize a ballpark in which at least *three* different baseball collectors have set personal single-game snagging records. (Speaking of which, congrats again on your 12.) Plus, it has one of the best inaugural season commemorative logos ever, so there’s that.

  3. districtboy

    Around November 2007, the Nationals officially announced that they would not put the big baseball into the stadium. Originally, I thought the idea was cheesy, but when I actually visualized sitting at the stadium and having the giant baseball there, it would have been pretty cool. It’s not like it would have blocked the view of the Capital, just that stupid season tickets holders parking lot. If you noticed, the Nats built the stand the ball would have sat on, but have converted it to a tiny graphic board. They have a lot of random stuff posted on it. Only one problem, the stand is circular so you can’t read everything posted. Smart.

    I *hate* the Presidents Club. What bugs me more is that there are two concourses in the PNC Diamond and Presidents Club area, so all the Nationals need to do is open up one of those concourses, and the problem is fixed. No complicated construction or whatever. Just take away a very small portion of fence.

    I *still* can’t believe Nationals Park has been statistically the best ballpark for snagging. As I said in my earlier comment, I don’t see how the Trop, or Rangers Ballpark is harder to snag in. Have you been to either?

    Anyway, thanks for checking out my blog. Isn’t that Dodger Stadium warning track thing cool?

  4. gregb123

    Yeah, exactly. It’s so stupid that they went through with that stand above the Red Loft knowing full well that there’d be no giant basball. Once they sell the naming rights though, I’m sure they’ll find a way to advertise that corporation by utilizing the stand.

    Never been to the ballparks in Tampa or Arlington, so I have no idea. I would think Turner Field is the best place to snag (because of the expansive field level seats in fair territory and the endless cup-trick-ready/drool-inducing gap that lines the outfield wall), but I’ve never been there either.

    Yeah, I did know about the Dodger Stadium thing. (I was there in May.) Unfortunately, I was fixated on being the first person inside the ballpark for BP that I just skipped it. How smart am I?

    By the way, you are incredibly articulate and well-spoken for somebody your age, and your blog entries are engaging and easy to read. So, you know, congrats on that.

  5. districtboy

    I’m rooting for Geico Park. That, truthfully, is the front runner. Remember what GEICO stands for?

    I actually went to the Trop two years ago, but that was before I started collecting balls. I just wanted autographs. That day I broke my single-game autograph record (17). No parking lots or nothing. All the D-Rays just started signing (cept Crawford). No competition. The stadium was way nicer than I thought it would. (I had only been to Shea and RFK at that point). It is just so different from most ballparks, so it made it a memorable experience.

    Doesn’t RBIA also have a drool-inducing gap in left field? I’m pretty sure it does.

    Anyway, thanks for the writing compliments. I agree, I am probably slightly more articulate than this guy:

  6. gregb123

    Is that right? GEICO Park? I guess they could put a giant gecko up on the Red Loft stand…

    Arlington does have a big gap in LF, but small gaps are actually better because the balls that land in a small gap are never too far out to snag with a ball-retrieving device. I need to go to Turner Field next year.

  7. Kylie

    Wow. I laughed for about five minutes after seeing that line. I can’t even imagine how fun that must be–and probably stressful–when you find out that no matter what you’re gonna do, you’re gonna play every position. It’s too bad they didn’t win–now that would be a great story.
    I remember looking in the paper the other morning and seeing that the Nationals were winning games–I had to put the paper down, rub my eyes, and look at it again to make sure I hadn’t made it up. It must suck to be pretty much counted out automatically at the end of every season.
    Those cherry trees appear to have gone missing in action. I remember last time I was in DC was in April, and they were blooming then… right? That big cursive W in the outfield is pretty cool, though.
    Kylie —

  8. districtboy

    Yep, in April (for two days) all the cherry blossoms come out. So maybe they should not have included those cherry trees in the photo renderings, because they will only appear for TWO DAYS. But the trees *are* still there. But there are very generic and completely unnoticeable.

    Yes, the Nationals, believe it or not, win an occasional game. Unfortunately, what’s truly best for the organization is that they lose even more. It’s a flaw in the draft order, but it’s pretty important nonetheless that they get that pick. That’s the difference between A-Rod and Darren Dreifort. The Nats *need* Steven Strasburg. Especially the way Detwiler has pitched……..Eeek.

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