Thumbs Up! (And Down)


one almost slipped by me, but the White Sox signed right-handed reliever Ryan Braun.  About a month ago, I wrote
a big rant
concerning the mistreatment of the “other Ryan Braun”, and in
the entry I promised to praise the GM that would re-sign the pitcher after the
Royals released him. 


So, on January 12th,
White Sox GM Kenny Williams inked Braun to a minor league deal.  Although he’ll will probably spend most of
2009 in South Carolina playing for the Charlotte Knights (“The Castle” is in Fort
Mill), you can bet the 28-year-old will dominate.  There is no reason to think Braun won’t, considering that is what he’s done his whole minor-league career.  I just hope the White Sox can overlook his
2007 season and give him another chance in the big leagues. 


Mr. Williams, even if you only made the move to take up a Triple-A roster space
and have no expectations for Braun at all, you deserve this:


you read my latest
, and were wondering what I was up to on January 20th, I
was busy complaining under my breath (and sometimes out loud.)  The reason was that some people who had
tickets for the inauguration did not get in…and I was one of them.  I know it could have been worse.  I’m glad I was not one the people who paid
hundreds of dollars for tickets, flown in from Europe, got up at 4:00 AM, and
waited in line for six hours.  I was
lucky enough to run home and barely get to see John Roberts humiliate


know it could have been much, much
worse, but still, I have the right to be a little annoyed. 


So, to any person that was involved in the ticketing
and planning departments of the inauguration (and to Chief Justice Roberts):



  1. metmainman

    That’s pretty funny, the other Ryan Braun. I knew about him, but the first time I found out I was like, “Wait a minute, Ryan Braun plays for Milwaukee, and he’s not a pitcher!” It’s got to stink to be the “Other Ryan Braun”.

  2. districtboy

    I know M&M&M, how many Ryan Brauns are there? I mean it’s one thing if Jose Ariel Reyes is annoyed, but jeez, I bet when Ryan Z. Braun was growing up he never imagined this happening. Actually, the “other Ryan Braun”, was drafted first in 2003 and had two years by himself before “Joseph” came along in the first found of 2005.

  3. districtboy

    Nationals (Sponsor To Be Named Later) Park in a few concise words is: clean, contemporary, sterile, boring, unimaginative. It’s “nicer” than RFK, but lacks charm (RFK didn’t have much either). There are nice views of the Capitol and the Washington Monument…but only from a small crop of seats in the upper deck. I could go on and on about why Nationals Park is one of the cookie-cutters of the 21st century, but I think I’ll stop. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Elizabeth D

    I didn’t know that there was another Ryan Braun till, well… now! When I first read it, I thought, ‘Wait, he is NOT a pitcher,’. I knew I was missing something. Sorry about the inauguration, that must be annoying.

  5. districtboy

    Haha, thanks Elizabeth. The inaugural situation was annoying at the time, but I just need to be thankful I wasn’t in the Purple Tunnel of Doom.

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