2009 Draft: LIVE Blog

OK, I’m watching the MLB draft coverage on MLB Network, and will do my very first live blog.

6:18, Nationals select Stephen Strasburg – What a twist!
6:20, Mariners select Dustin Ackley – It’s weird thinking of a first baseman as an athletic outfielder, but I guess I’ll have to use my imagination.
6:23, (Padres on the clock), I have no real comment, I just think HR is stupid.
6:24, Padres select Donovan Tate, hmmm, I like the pick, but I’m worried that the Padres just made this pick to “make a point” and didn’t select the best player available.
6:25, (Pittsburgh on the clock): Now I’m just waiting for Zack Wheeler to get drafted…
6:30, Pirates select Tony Sanchez – I wish Jonathan Mayo wasn’t so good, now the draft is boring.
6:31, (Orioles on the clock) – I don’t know–this is pure gut–but Sanchez just doesn’t seem like Sanchez holds up the others around him.  God I sound clueless right now.
6:33, (O’s on the clock) – Let’s see when the Milb.com guru ends his streak…
6:35, Orioles select Matthew Hobgood D’oh!
6:37, (Giants on the clock) – I’m always hesitant about listening to John Hart but he says Hobgood may have the highest upside of the all the HS pitchers…ooohh
6:40, SF select Zack Wheeler – yay
6:41, (Braves on the clock) – OK, so now that the “live reaction” pick is over, I’m starting to get excited about the number 10 pick.
6:42, Braves select Mike Minor – I guess Nashville is sort of close to Atlanta, but man, Frank Wren must be annoyed; Wheeler was from Dallas, GA.  ATL loves them homegrown guys (even though that doesn’t make sense).
6:47, (Reds on the clock), Is it Matzek time?
6:48, (Reds on the clock), I know it won’t happen, but what if Rizzo takes Matzek?  Oh, a kid can have hope.  I’m not that high on Storen (or first round relievers in general).  I hope Mayo’s finally wrong on this one.
6:52, Reds select Mike Leake, – Of course they select the opposite of Matzek.
6:53, Tigers select Jacob Turner – Not Alex White?!  The Nats better take advantage of this.  (And if you read between the lines, not select Jenkins!)
6:57, (Nats on the clock), Strasburg seems like a cool guy, but heck, he’s so one hour ago.  Now it’s #10’s time to shine!
6:58, Nationals select Drew Storen, sigh…OK, I don’t agree with the move (another Eddie Kunz?), but at least Harold Reynolds can explain the move well: “Have you seen the Nationals’ bullpen?”
7:01, (Rockies on the clock), I think all Nats fans should take a time out in this high-pressure time and say prayer to Jim Bowden.  “To Jimbo, thank you for all the high draft picks and I hope to god you did this on purpose.  Your assistant Rizzo is obviously not smart enough to be a sucky GM.  Amen”
7:04, Colorado selects Tyler Matzek – This year’s Rick Porcello.
7:06, Royals on the clock, I hope KC fans realize how sad it is that the Nats pick twice before the Royals do. Hahahaha!  You should have lost intentionally Dayton Moore.  Then maybe you could have gotten Matzek, at the very least
7:10, Royals select Aaron Crow – Blimey!  I shouldn’t be surprised but I am.  Its just hard picturing him in powder blue.
7:14, A’s select Grant Green, John Hart on the pick: “I like it, he’s a baseball player”
7:15, (Rangers on the clock), I don’t want to jinx it, but with the way things are going for Jon Daniels, I can’t think the Rangers pick will be anything but a stud.
—–P.S. I’m sorry for any grammatical or spelling mistakes.  This is live baby!
7:22, Rangers select Matt Purke, Indians select Alex White, – Wow, a huge difference between these two.  I thought the Nats should have snagged White (assuming they didn’t have the $ for Matzek), but watching a video of him I’m not so sure…he may have the dreaded “inverted W”.
7:25, (Arizona on the clock), – Mayo said that they would take Borchering if he’s available…
7:28, D-Backs select Bobby Borchering – Finally an intriguing, high-upisde bat.
7:30, (ARI on the clock) – again.  Let’s see, college bat and…HS arm?
7:32, D-Backs select A.J. Pollock – Nope, HS bat.  Mikey Rizzo is bummed.
7:34, (Marlins on the clock), I never knew Strasburg was rejected by Stanford.  Huh.
7:37, Marlins select Chad James – I’m getting supremely annoyed by John Hart agreeing completely with every pick.  What will drive him to disapprovement?  I bet if the Nats selected my grandma he’s find the rationality.
7:40, Cardinals select Shelby Miller – Mo selects another HS arm.  /yawn
7:44, (Jays on the clock), Will Chad Jenkins finally go?
7:46, Blue Jays select Chad Jenkins – Seems like a  “Toronto pick”.  Nothing amazing or spectacular but hard to argue with.
7:47, (Astros on the clock) – I’m liking Storen a little bit more since I now know he’s a Twitterer (and first one ever to be drafted).
7:49, Astros select Jiovanni Mier – OK, a high school SS.  Not too bad.  I would have re-Chaconed Ed Wade if Houston took another catcher.
7:52, (Twins on the clock), I’m watching the Ackley/White interview now, and I’m wondering: which organization would better to join?  I’d go with Seattle…OK, I guess it’s not that tough of a decision.
7:55, Twins select Kyle Gibson – Another surprise pick by the Twinkies, and an awfully good one at that.  It’s stupid not take a more talented player just because he has a confirmed injury that is going to heal; and it IS going to heal.
8:00, White Sox select Jared Mitchell – I have to admit, now we are getting down to players I don’t know too much about.
8:03, Angels select Randal Grichuk – Well he must be a smart pick because he’s a “gamer”.
8:06 (Angels on the clock once again) – It baffles my mind that Shawon Dunston didn’t know he was the first overall 1982 draft pick until he showed up for the minors.
8:11, Angels select Mike Trout – I sincerely liked what HR just said “when you think of the 2009 draft you’ll think of two things: Stephen Strasburg and Mike Trout.”
8:14, Brewers select Eric Arnett – He reminds of a college Michael Main (which by the way is a high compliment)
8:16, (Mariners on the clock), I hope they interview Zduriencik again; I like his voice.
8:18, Seattle selects Nick Franklin – A non-Bavasi draft pick is a good draft pick.
8:20, (Red Sox on the clock), Who will be the next player to back the statement that Boston is baseball’s best organization?
8:22, Red Sox selects Raymond Fuentes – For me, the most surprising pick so far.
8:27, Yankees select Slade Heathcott – Well, he may be a risky high school pick with a shaky past, but his name is Slade Heathcott!
8:30, (Rays on the clock) – I feel sad for them, I really do.
8:32, Rays select LeVon Washington – He’s a speedy, athletic infielder.  That means that somewhere in a dark room Jim Bowden is drooling.
—-It’s COMP Time!
8:37, Cubs select Brett Jackson –
What I’ve give to replace Harold Reynolds and John Hart with Jim Callis and Will Carroll.  I’m getting really sick of all of this fluff.
For the past two drafts I’ve had players who I was very fond of.  In 2007 it was Michael Main and in 2008 it was Roger Kieschnik.  This year I really am looking forward to Eric Arnett’s future.  Of course I am still anxiously waiting to the name of Gerard Hall Jr. to get called (I worked out with him and his father is my baseball coach.)


  1. Erin Kathleen

    I was surprised that the Twinkies took Gibson, too. They don’t usually like to take any sort of risk, so for them to take a pitcher with an arm injury is a huge surprise (even if it is just a stress fracture). Overall, it looks like they got a pretty good haul. At least on paper. Good stuff!-Erinhttp://plunking-gomez.mlblogs.com

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