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The Greatest Box Score Ever



This is the one of
greatest box scores ever. 


It Is


If you somehow missed it,
look at Winston-Salem’s hitting box, and check out Adam Ricks’ line.  Yeah, you read right.  It’s crazy.





I actually got Adam
‘ (pictured) autograph about a month ago, and I’m sure glad I
did.  He’ll have a very small place in
history because of Sunday’s game. 


not exactly sure why Winston-Salem Warthogs manager Tim Blackwell
decides to pick a player every year to do this feat on a specific day (last
year he picked Robert
), but it sure is interesting. 
Ricks actually got told before the game began that he was going to be
given the chance.


Ricks is usually a
catcher, but played infield in college. 
It’s another one of those things that only happens in the minors.   I’m sort of bummed I didn’t head out to
attend this game in Frederick.  It would
have been pretty memorable (and a long drive). 


I wonder why Blackwell
decided to do this on a road game.  It
would seem to make sense to do it at a home game, so you can treat your fans to
an extreme oddity. 


On another quick note, the
Nats suck.  Wait, you knew that. 


I knew that.  Everybody knew it.  But
wait, that’s not what I’m talking about. 
The Nats suck at sucking.  They
can’t win when they need to win, and they can’t lose when they need to
lose.  If you don’t get me, here’s what
I mean.  The Nationals are not going to
the playoffs, so it theoretically makes sense for them to lose as many games as
they can, so they are guaranteed to have the first overall pick in the draft
next year.  But of course, right as I
finally start rooting for the Nationals to lose as many games as possible, they
go on the best winning streak in baseball.  
That’s the Nats for you.  They
seriously can’t do anything right.  They
can’t even get their stadium renderings right. 
Whenever anybody asked Stan Kasten, HOK, or the Lerners, about what made
Nationals Park unique, they responded “the cherry trees in the left field
seats”.  Well, what’s so special about
Nationals Park now?  It’s the only park where you can’t walk all the way around the lower deck because of the stupid Presidents Club?


Notice how the renderings
make the cherry trees look spectacular, but in real life it is an entirely
different story.  In fact, the cherry
trees are completely non-existent when you attend a baseball game in Washington.



nationals park cherry trees.jpg